Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous Scrap Trading is the Flagship Product Stream of the company. We act as both Traders and Brokers of Ferrous Scrap in containers and break – bulk vessels, sourcing from some of the biggest Recyclers/ Shredders in Europe, UK, USA and South America. We supply to steel works and alloy producers around the world.

Our Ferrous Metals Group provides global coverage to our customers and suppliers. Our team of experienced traders uses advanced information systems to get real-time updates on transactions, pricing, shipping, and payment status. Our unrivalled communications network gives us real-time price quotes, scrap availability and active freight rates.

Our growing network of suppliers includes everyone from small, family-owned recyclers to large global corporations. Not ones to sit on our laurels, we're always on the lookout for new reliable suppliers of scrap.

From the smallest foundries to the largest steelmakers, the world's most successful scrap consumers trust us to provide the raw material for their operations. We supply global industry with the basic ingredients it requires every day.

We offer a variety of more than 41 grades in Ferrous Scrap, offering all options to our clients, suitable to their requirement and manufacturing style. We understand that while raw material costs are of the utmost concern, the quality and consistency of scrap intake for any Mill is an equally important factor.

But Ferrous Scrap is a very responsible business. It is a market which witnesses major fluctuations regularly & if one doesn't chooses a reliable partner, there can be quality issues. That is where NMV comes in, we act very responsibly on each & every deal, if we are not sure of the supplier/buyer's credibility or the quality, we shall never do that business. When we start business with anyone, we do it after an exhaustive research, background check, industry credentials, market reputation, only after we are sure, we enter into business. Thus, we ensure complete Commitment in this speculative market to both buyer & supplier, and this is the reason we have some of Asia's biggest Steel Mills as our regular clients who are buying exclusively through us & some of the UK's, USA's & Europe's biggest Recyclers/Shredders as our suppliers.

In addition, we also have an In-House Team of Inspectors in Europe, USA and Latin America and we prefer to send our own Inspectors during loading.

The biggest asset NMV has earned is, it is the Trust of Our Principals, and with this Trust comes a lot of Responsibility, and we fulfill our responsibilities with complete dedication. We deal with a very selective clientele across Asia.

And the basic fundamental principle which has secured the success and name of the Organization in the Industry is following 2 business ethics religiously "What We Promise, is What You Get." and "A Deal is a Deal.", once a commitment made, it shall always be honoured irrespective of the market volatility.

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