Pulses are high in fiber and protein, yet low in fat, with zero cholesterol count. It provides iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

The global pulses market is estimated at 70 million MT annually and India is both the largest producer and consumer of the commodity, accounting for 25% of total output and 30% of total consumption. China and Brazil are a distant second in consumption, with an approximate 6% market share each.

India, Brazil, Myanmar and China are the leading cultivators of pulses, although pulses grow abundantly in certain parts of Africa.

Given the importance of protein-rich pulses to the predominantly vegetarian Indian diet, that nation's government has banned exporting the commodity, except for a particular type of chickpea, to ensure domestic availability.

Despite this measure, demand frequently outstrips supply creating a significant market for imports. In 2014, some 3.2 million tons of pulses were imported into India. "New Metal Vision" Offers a wide range of best quality products. Our variegated range of Indian Pulses includes the Arhar Dal, Urad Chilka, Urad Sabut, Safed Matar, Urad Dhuli, Moong Dhuli, Desi Chana, Kabuli Chana, Lal Rajma, Safed Lobia, Rajma Chitra, Moong Chilka, Moong Sabut, Masoor Sabut, Masoor Dhuli Dal and Chana Dal etc.

We also provide customized packing to our customers as per their needs and requirements. Our pulses are extensively used in various traditional recipes and are purely natural.