Semi-Finished Steel

Trading steel and steel-making raw materials worldwide is NMV's one of the core business area. The company is actively engaged in world-wide Trading of Semi-Finished Steel. NMV has an upper-hand in the Trade as it shares very good relationship with the Producers, as in some cases we are supplier of Raw Materials like Ferrous Scrap to Mills producing these products, and have also entered into Barter arrangements with some of them. We are catering to the requirements of big Steel Mills in Asia in volumes.

Semi-finished products are produced by the continuous casting of liquid steel or by rolling or forging of ingots (a primary solidification of liquid steel). Their chemistry is adjusted to meet specific physical property and grade requirements. Semi-Finished products are used in industry for the further production of finished steel products.


Flat rectangular semi-finished solid steel products normally of width 150-250mm wherein width is at-least 3 or 4 times of thickness. They are used for production of finished Hot Rolled Flat products viz Plates, sheets, Strips etc.


Semi-finished long steel products with a square cross section less than 36 square inches. Billets are used to produce numerous long steel products by rolling or forging into other shapes such as concrete reinforcing bars, merchant bars, structural sections or wire rod.

Semi - Finished Steel